CIMICIFUGA drug is a unique remedy that produces a beneficial effect on the female body. It could be used as a remedy that supports hormonal balance, alleviates symptoms of menopause. Rejuvenating effect of CIMICIFUGA by using it on a regular basis is proved.

Three herbal extracts: soy, cimicifuga, dioscorea, and folic acid, vitamin B make it possible to use CIMICIFUGA as a supplement in the treatment of diseases of nails, teeth and hair. Additionally, the remedy could be recommended to improve the skin condition, in cases when sexual desire is absent or reduced after surgery on female genital organs, to reduce the adverse effects of premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

Having regard to the complicated ecological situation, unhealthy lifestyle, harmful food, constant stress and other adverse factors, contributing to the development of a number of diseases, it is clear why so many modern women are unhealthy. In addition to the "classical" contagious catarrhal diseases, developing as a result of decreasing of host defense, chronic fatigue syndrome, irritability, loss of strength, chronic stress, depressions, apathy, and many other unpleasant consequences of modern life could be developed in women.

Hormonal impairments are disorders that could occur in women at almost any age. But patients in pubertal period, at child-bearing age and at age of coming menopause deserve the most consideration. In addition to the use of traditional pharmaceuticals, phytoestrogens - substances with estrogen (hormone-like) effect - could be recommended for the treatment of hormonal disorders. CIMICIFUGA - the latest product of the company HEALTHYCLOPEDIA LTD - belongs to the class of such remedies.

Modern production technologies make it possible to save all the benefits of natural ingredients that are part of composition.